Inter, the biggest winner in Rio Grande do Sul

Colorado supremacy has been evident for a number of years: Internacional has most often lifted the Rio Grande do Sul State Championship trophy. The club has won 42 out of 92 state championships. Inter is now six titles ahead of Grêmio, the second team in the list
This is also the second time since the current formula has been in use (first time was in 2009) that Inter has won both stages of the State Championship. Besides that, Inter has won every second stage of the championship since 2009, keeping it at 100% success rate.

The Champion of Everything – who has expanded its domains by winning the FIFA Club World Cup, Libertadores Cup (two-time champion), Copa Sudamericana, Recopa Sudamericana (two-time champion), Brazilian Championship (three-time champion) and Brazilian Cup – keeps on ruling in its homeland, where its glorious path began 104 years ago.
And it’s also noteworthy to mention that Inter has won at least one title per year since 2002. This is the 17th trophy (including Dubai Cup and Suruga Bank Championship) Inter has lifted in just over a decade.

Check out all Inter’s Rio Grande do Sul State titles:

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