Inter’s rain of goal secures first round of State Championship

Internacional are champions of the Piratini Cup, the first round of the State Championship! The title was won on Sunday afternoon, with an excellent performance and a score of 5 - 0 against São Luiz, at 19 de Outubro Stadium, in Ijuí. Leandro Damião (2), Gabriel, D'Alessandro and Rafael Moura each scored for Colorado, which has a secure place in the State Championship final. However, should Inter win the Farroupilha Cup, they will automatically be declared three-time champion.

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Inter dominated from the outset of the match. The team held on to the ball and spent most of the time in the opponent's goal area. The only thing lacking was a goal, which finally came in the 31st minute of the first half: Damião received a great pass from Josimar just outside the penalty area, spun quickly round a defender and struck hard, sending the ball rocketing low into the left corner of the goal. 1 - 0!

In the 43rd minute, current state two-time champion scored a second against São Luiz. Damião crossed to Forlán from the right, but the defender got a foot to it. Gabriel took advantage of the loose ball and struck solidly, sending the ball soaring into the back of the net and securing his first goal for Inter. Inter had another 45 minutes to go before lifting the cup for the first round!

In the 10th minute of the second half, Washington, who came on at half time to replace Adãozinho, made a great run along the right and crossed to Juba in the penalty area. In perfect position, Juan stopped him with a well-executed sliding tackle. In the following play, an aggressive counter attack: D'Alessandro passed to Damião, who sent it back just outside the penalty area to the Argentine midfielder, who stuck off promptly. 3 - 0!

Goalkeeper Muriel only made his first save in the match in the 17th minute of the second half, with a long-range attempt by Eraldo. In the 20th minute, Damião almost managed a second, with a strike that passed a hair’s breadth from the left goal post. In the 26th minute, Barbosa made a cracking try at goal from outside the penalty area, but Muriel got a safe hand to it.

To crown a magical performance, Damião scored another in the 35th minute. And what a goal! The striker noted goalkeeper Oliveira leaving his line and struck from the outside corner of the penalty area, sending the ball in at the top corner. A magnificent goal!!! This work of art was far from over, though. Rafael Moura and Caio came on to replace Damião and Forlán.

There was still time for more. In the 46th minute, Rafael Moura hit the ball as Oliveira came out, scoring another great goal with a chip. 5 - 0 on the scorecard and cheers of “Champion!” in the grandstands!

Technical Information:

São Luiz (0): Oliveira; Barbosa, Thiago Costa, Marcel and Elton Macaé; Baiano, Chicão, Adãozinho (Washington) and Marcos Paraná (Danilo); Juba (Tiago Duarte) and Eraldo. Coach: Paulo Porto.

Internacional (5): Muriel; Gabriel, Rodrigo Moledo, Juan and Fabrício; Josimar (Elton), Ygor, Fred and D'Alessandro; Diego Forlán (Caio) and Leandro Damião (Rafael Moura). Coach: Dunga.

Goals: Leandro Damião (I), at 31 minutes of the first half, Gabriel (I), at 43 minutes of the first half, D'Alessandro (I), at 11 minutes of the second half, Leandro Damião (I), at 35 minutes of the second half, Rafael Moura (I), at 46 minutes of the second half.

Yellow cards: Marcel, Marcos Paraná (SL); Fred (I).

Refereeing: Leandro Vuaden, assisted by Altemir Hausmann and Rafael da Silva Alves.

Venue: 19 de Outubro Stadium, in Ijuí.

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