Modernization: new pitch taking root at Beira-Rio

On February 28, Beira-Rio stadium began receiving new grass for its pitch. TifGrand Bermuda is exclusively produced and supplied in Brazil by the firm Green Grass. The grass is internationally certified by the ITGAP (International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program) and will be used for the first time in Brazil at Internacional’s stadium. This special species was also selected for the new golf course for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

> Gallery of photos of the new grass being planted

New pitch taking root at Beira-Rio

The new pitch will be comprised of a hybrid system of natural grass reinforced with fibers. Upon finalizing the constructive stage of Beira-Rio’s field, which included the installation of layers of gravel and sand, drainage pipes and ground leveling, the planting process was initiated.

According to the technician responsible for planting, Marcelo Matte, the process is in compliance with FIFA’s contract specifications. “The Bermuda is laid on the ground loose, which is a FIFA requirement. The grass should reach its original color within 30 days after planting. The new pitch could be ready within 90 days”, he said.

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